Walks in Newcastle

Newcastle is a beautiful city, full of scenic walking routes and amazing green spaces. We put together a list of some of the best walks in Newcastle so you and your friends can enjoy a peaceful walk, taking in the great outdoors.



First up we have The Quayside. If you’re looking for walks in Newcastle, you won’t find a more architectural route, full of Newcastle Attractions. The Quayside is home to famous Newcastle attractions including the Tyne Bridge, Millennium Bridge and The Swing Bridge. This creates a scenic experience to not only enjoy a walk but to explore history. You can take a stroll alongside the riverside or cross over the Millennium Bridge. If you visit the Quayside at night, you will catch the glowing Millennium Bridge as it lights up and reflects into the glowing river.

Jesmond Dene


Next up is Jesmond Dene, a wonderful green space for nature and woodland walks. This walking route is a hotspot for walking lovers, packed with wildlife, flowers and natural features such as Jesmond Dene waterfall. Jesmond Dene holds great historic significance including The River Ouseburn that was used in the industrial revolution to power the mills. Here you can also find ‘Pets Corner’ full of gorgeous animals and pets, a tourist attraction great for family walks. There’s plenty of green space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Exhibition Park


Exhibition Park is a beautiful location surrounded by a boating lake, sports area, playgrounds, skate park and green-lands. This park is significant as the Royal Jubilee Exhibition was held here in 1887, an event which gathered over 2 millions people. This park allows you to escape from the buzzing city and step into the beautiful lands of Exhibition park. In the summer Exhibition park is great for picnics and chilling with your family and friends, you can even spot swans and ducks swimming in the lake.

Leazes Park


Leazes Park is opposite to St James’ Park, the famous Newcastle United stadium and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. The park is packed with trees and grassy lands, great for relaxing and taking strolls. Leazes Park is known as being a traditional Victorian Park, full of history and heritage. When visiting Leazes park, you can unwind on one of their many benches and take in the beautiful fresh air.



Ouseburn is home to fantastic and unique bars, restaurants, art and history. This place is booming with vibrance and creativity, often referred to as the ‘creative quarter’. When taking a walk around Ouseburn you will notice the wonderful scenery and landscapes that this place has to offer including graffiti art, bridges, River Tyne, Victoria Tunnel and remains of the Industrial revolution. Out of all walks in Newcastle, Ouseburn takes the lead as one of the most remarkable places in the city.

Heaton park


Heaton Park is surrounded by greenery such as shrubs, trees and seasonal flower beds. The park is an especially popular location for relaxing, walking dogs and family time. The main attraction to Heaton Park is it’s stunning Victorian Pavilion, Terrace and 13th Century Ruins. Within Heaton Park you can explore a variety of paths, all connecting to other popular walks such as Ouseburn, Jesmond Dene and Armstrong Park.

Armstrong Park


Our final walk is Armstrong Park, given to Newcastle by Lord Armstrong in 1878 (hence the name). The park is made up of a play park surrounded by green lands, steep valleys and walking paths, as well as a tennis court, basketball court and bowling green. These green spaces are great for burning off some energy and spending time with family and friends outdoors.


We hope you enjoyed discovering popular walks in Newcastle.

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