Newcastle Attractions

Newcastle city is full of incredible attractions and packed with historic significance. Discover some of the best Newcastle attractions in and around the city with your friends and family. This article explores the most iconic and famous architecture you need to visit for a fun day exploring in the city.

Tyne Bridge


The Tyne Bridge is a famous and well known bridge in Newcastle, crossing over from Newcastle to Gateshead. The bridge is located on Quayside and was designed by Mott Hay and Anderson (two successful 20th century consulting civil engineers). The Tyne Bridge opened in 1928 by King George V and is now top of the list for Newcastle attractions.

Angel of the North


The Angel of the North is an iconic Newcastle attraction located in Newcastle Gateshead beside the A1. This structure was built in 1998 and is one of the largest structures in the whole of Britain. The Angel of the North is a popular art piece and is widely known as the symbol for the North East. You can usually see the Angel of the North sculpture when driving through Gateshead to Newcastle.

Millennium Bridge


The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a remarkable attraction located on the Quayside. The beautiful lights glow in the dark and change colour, reflecting into the River Tyne. The Millennium Bridge is used as a pedestrian and cyclist ‘tilt bridge’ which sits over the River Tyne. This spectacular bridge was opened for the public in 2001 whilst being dedicated to the Queen in 2002. The Millennium Bridge is award winning, being one of the best Newcastle attractions.

The Sage


The Sage is a stunning and unique structure in Newcastle Gateshead, which can be seen from Quayside. The incredible building opened in 2004, home to ‘The Royal Northern Sinfonia’ a British Chamber Orchestra as well as the ‘North Music Trust’. The Sage is known as a concert and musical education venue which is flourished with incredible talent and art.

Swing Bridge


The Swing Bridge swings over the River Tyne, which is located between Newcastle and Gateshead. The Swing bridge opened in 1876 after the original bridge was knocked down. The purpose of the Swing Bridge was and is for river traffic, opening up for any big boats and yachts that pass through. You will find this bridge next to the Quayside and who knows, you might be lucky enough to see it swing open.

Centre for Life


The Centre for Life was established in 2002 and opened by the Queen herself. The Centre for Life is a science museum, where business people such as scientists and educationalists educate visitors on the science of the world we live in. Not only is The Centre For Life educational, they provide an excellent ice skating rink at Christmas!

The Baltic Contemporary Art Centre


The Baltic Contemporary is a building on the South bank of the River Tyne, just along from the Millennium Bridge. This art centre opened in 2002, converted from an old flour mill. The Baltic Contemporary is known for its gorgeous contemporary art, hosting a variety of exhibitions and events that change all the time.

Newcastle Castle


Newcastle Castle is open for educational purposes, to explore the castle’s culture and heritage and to discover the preservation and protection of Newcastle Castle. The Castle goes way back to medieval times, which was constructed in the same location that gave Newcastle it’s name. Here you can explore the wonderful castle and learn all about Newcastle’s heritage. This makes it an absolute must see if you want to embrace the full history of this vibrant city.

Leazes Park


Leazes Park is a significant part of Newcastle Upon Tyne and in fact Newcastle’s oldest park. The park opened in 1873 and shows great historics. Leazes Park is situated next to the famous St James Park and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. You can take beautiful walks round this park, taking in the incredible scenery of the lake and greenland.

Greys Monument


As far Newcastle attractions go, Greys Monument is one of the most iconic and well known attractions in the city. The significant statue was built in 1938, constructed to honour Earl Grey for the ‘passing of the Great Reform Act 1832) hence the name ‘Greys Monument’. The structure is of Lord Grey himself standing 135 foot high in the city of Newcastle.

Victoria Tunnel


The Victoria Tunnel is a significant tunnel that was used as a transportation hub for coal. It runs under Newcastle Upon Tyne, built between 1839 and 1842. In 1939 Victoria Tunnel was used as an air-raid shelter in WW2, converted to protect Newcastle citizens. You can now take guided tours through this remarkable and ever-lasting tunnel that has lasted the test of time.


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