Nightclubs in Newcastle: Top favourites

Newcastle has to be one of the best locations in the UK to dance the night away. With the vast variety of clubs Newcastle has to offer, you are bound to find a nightclub that’s right for you. Below are a list of 15 nightclubs in Newcastle that we found were the most vibrant, stylish and full of character.



Bohemia is located on Collingwood Street in Newcastle city centre. The club was once named ‘Perdu’ but recently transformed into the buzzing new Bohemia club. This nightclub is a modern and stylish contemporary venue, with love for both their music and art. Immerse yourself in their incredible cocktail menu, check out their swanky terrace and party all night long to some of the best music playlists. Bohemia host ‘Secret Krush’ on Fridays, which is one of the best Newcastle nights out.

The Lofts


The Lofts is one of the best nightclubs in Newcastle, located on Newgate Street. This nightclub offers the chance to dance all night long across 3 rooms, top Dj’s and incredible sound systems. The aim of The Lofts is getting Newcastle ‘united in music’, bringing people together on the dance floor. The atmosphere at The Lofts is irreplaceable and makes an unforgettable night for you and your friends. This nightclub holds an event every Thursday night called ‘Bondi Bay’ which is a popular event for students and young professionals.



Jalou is a stylish and luxurious nightclub, located on Nevilles Street, near Newcastle central station. This nightclub is well known for its exotic drinks and vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by incredible Parisian decor and a toasty seated outdoor area. Jalou provides tasty cocktails and a range of iconic party music, open till late. Expect hot Djs and a great night out in the town.



Livellos is a fancy top quality nightclub located on Newcastle Quayside. This club has been redesigned for ultimate customer satisfaction. Inside you will find incredible decor such as their illuminating table blocks and glass mirrored ceilings. This stunning venue is definitely up there with the best nightclubs in Newcastle.

Tup Tup Palace


Tup Tup Palace is a magnificent club venue hosting daily events such as:  Love Dough Tuesdays, Playground Wenedsays, Jungle Thursdays, Paradiso Fridays, Pandas Box Saturdays and Persistence Sundays. Tup Tup is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion with their party dance floor booths and champagne packages. This club offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great night out here in Newcastle.


Verano and La Fee, ChachaBuci and Howlers were formerly Newcastle clubs House of Smith, Floritas and Mandame Koos, recently transformed with a 3 million renovation. All clubs are adjoined making the most magnificent venue. The new 4 clubs in one are listed down below



Veranjo tequila bar, the first tequila bar in Newcastle city. This club is based around the theme of Mediterranean celebration. Expect some of the best tequila in the city with a wide range of flavours including ‘Sunshine slushies’ and ‘Disco balls’.

La Fee


La Fee is Newcastle’s favourite nightclub to ‘misbehave’. This club carries a unique theme of ‘green fairy’, based around pure abandonment, frolics and fantasies. Their cocktails are extremely creative and imaginative, complementing the club’s fairy magic.



ChachaBuchi is a swanky bar / club with an elegant and modern feel. Their inside decor is caped with specialties including a glowing golden staircase and bark lined walls. Their outdoor area is full of fire pits which are said to ensure you have a comfortable night out, whilst enjoying their delicious drinks.



Howlers is Newcastle’s first and only ball pit pool bar / club and is top of ‘fun things to do in Newcastle’. They provide crazy entertainment with the most unforgettable experiences. Expect unique cocktails and drinks you won’t be able to resist.

Soho Rooms


Soho Rooms was voted the best out of all nightclubs in Newcastle according to ‘The Tab Newcastle’. Soho is made up of 4 floors, with 4 different styles of music for the ultimate nightclub experience. This night club provides some of the best music, including throwback classics.

The Cut


The Cut is a vibey nightclub located above Tup Tup Palace on Nicholas Street. They hold exciting events such as ‘Shake’ and ‘Jukebox’ Fridays. This nightclub is the perfect place to let your hair down and dance the night away with your friends in the vibrant city of Newcastle.



Bijoux is a well known nightclub in Newcastle renowned for their treble drinks. The club is said to be one of the most popular bars in Newcastle, open 7 nights a week and recently renovated. Bijoux is ideal if you’re looking for a place to ‘pre’ or a club to dance the night away in. With top Djs and VIP booths, this nightclub is perfect for a celebratory night out. 

Cosmic Ballroom


Cosmic Ballroom is located in the famous China Town in Newcastle city. This nightclub venue is known for its electrifying music and incredible atmosphere. Cosmic Ballroom is a hotspot for Newcastle events and ideal for a night of quality music and great entertainment.

Green House


Green House disco gardens is a 2 floor club in the heart of Newcastle city centre. The two floors consist of the upstairs bar and cocktail bar followed by the vibrant nightclub downstairs. Green House is the perfect venue for an after work drink followed by a night of getting down on the dancefloor. The music is played through a quality sound system, radiating the best nightclub vibes. This club can fit as many as 50 people in a booth so it is a great space for parties or events.


We hope you found the perfect nightclub in Newcastle to party the night away! Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with our blogs. For now we hope you Enjoy Newcastle.

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