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Welcome to Enjoy Newcastle. We will be keeping you up to speed with the city’s latest, including the ins and outs of things to do and the best places to visit. We will be taking you on a journey to discover all things Newcastle, covering the best bars and restaurants, the best day time activities, the best hotels and many more fascinating topics. With our help we are sure you will Enjoy Newcastle.

Newcastle’s history dates back almost 2,000 years when the city was ruled by the Romans, Angels and the Norsemen. The city was originally named ‘Pons Aelius’, originating from the Norman conquest of England. This was an ‘11th-century invasion made by an army of thousands’ to conquer England.

Today, Newcastle is considered to be the most popular city in the North East of England. The city is full of life, with an incredible variety of nightlife, attractions, restaurants, bars, green spaces, walks, cultural services and job opportunities. Moreover, Newcastle is constantly developing and reconstructing new ideas to make the city as exciting as possible.

At Enjoy Newcastle, you can expect to find everything you might want to see, do and know about. Whether that is visiting museums, shopping, walking routes, restaurant reviews, galleries and all things social. There is a such a great variety of activities its almost impossible to get bored of the toon. What’s more, the magnificent architecture in and around the city makes it truly unique and picturesque. With the help of these articles at Enjoy Newcastle you will be able to find your way around this fun and vibrant city in no time. Not to mention, the best part, that you will become an expert on where to go and what to see making your next visit here the best yet.

Things to see and do at Enjoy Newcastle

  1. Tyne bridge
  2. Angel of the North
  3. Newcastle Castle
  4. Victoria Tunnel
  5. Theatre Royal

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