Eldon Square Newcastle: The History


Eldon Square Newcastle is Newcastle’s main indoor shopping centre, located in the heart of the city. This shopping centre is packed with high-end stores, well known shops and delicious restaurants. 

Eldon Square is now a popular hotspot within the city, open to everyone and the perfect location for a day’s shopping. This shopping centre is a big Newcastle attraction.

The History of Eldon Square Newcastle

Travelling back in time to the 1800’s when reconstruction was in store for Newcastle city centre, Eldon square became a location for new terraced houses. Around the year 1824, John Dobson (an 19th-century architect, well known for the architecture built around the North) began to design plans for the Eldon Square houses. Three facing houses were soon built, all directed into a central square known as Eldon Square Gardens.

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As many years passed, Eldon Square shopping centre began to see life.

In 1970, two of the terraced houses were knocked down and converted into Eldon Square shopping centre, which is now a significant shopping centre in Newcastle city. Eldon Square was open for the public in 1976. Following the year 2008, the square underwent renovation, including new features, landscapes and access into Eldon Square shopping centre. A set of terraced houses still remain, these are now used as independent businesses such as tattoo parlours and hair dressing salons.


The original ‘Eldon Square’ still remains as a bright green space for the public. You can take a seat on the benches situated around the great war memorial, devoted to the Bishop of Newcastle and dedicated to those from Newcastle who lost their life during the WW1.


Overall, Eldon Square Newcastle has seen huge changes across the years. The city is proud to have such a significant shopping centre for visitors and Newcastle citizens.

We hope you enjoy shopping and indulging in the many tasty restaurants Eldon has to offer.

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